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I've used it myself for such a OpenGL cross-platform project. The library provides most of the platform abstraction. Use its functions for all input and output, like accessing files, getting user input and displaying. It provides build files for all the mentioned platforms.

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How To Install Opengl In Kali Linux? Run sudo apt-get update in a terminal and install all necessary libraries for OpenGL development. I have a copy of the install ntu apt-get install freeglut3. sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev will install. Use the following instructions to install binutils-gold from the command line.

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How to open a window with SDL and create an OpenGL context. Django book for beginners: https://leanpub.com/django-the-easy-way/TABLE OF CONTENTS:0:15 main.c.

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Indeed I have been educating myself in making cross-platform (Windows & Linux) 3D games with C++ and OpenGL and, since I am taking the time, I have decided to try to help others do the same, by open-sourcing the code, documenting it and providing detailed instructions (Docs/developer.txt) on how to set up the project on Windows and Linux..

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First, defining the ABI and runtime environment for applications using OpenGL under X11 on Linux. This will enable applications using the OpenGL API for rendering to run on a variety of underlying implementations transparently.

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The library we use here is called the 'OpenGL utility library', or GLUT. It provides a simplified API for window management as well as event handling, IO control and a few other services. In addition, GLUT is cross platform which makes portability easier. Alternatives to GLUT include SDL and GLFW. Source walkthru glutInit (&argc, argv);.

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